“I was once a standing-desk skeptic, too. But, after I made the switch four days ago, I could immediately sense a difference in how I felt: way more self-righteous.”

–Tom O’Donnell, The New Yorker

“How do you want to be remembered?” he is asked.

My grandfather laughs. “I don’t want to be remembered,” he says.  “I want to stick around for a while longer.”

–A. J. Jacobs

“When they call you crazy,” said Bezos, “you know you have a good idea.”

“Right” said Dean. “If they say, ‘Hmmm, good idea,’ it’s probably too ordinary.”

–Conversation between Dean Kamen and Jeff Bezos as documented by Steve Kemper in Reinventing the Wheel

“Either your children were the center of your life, or they were not.  Everything else was commentary.”

–The philosophy of Alice Trillin as discussed by Calvin Trillin in The New Yorker