“To evaluate whether someone can do the job, the best predictor of that is to have them do the job.”

–Shawn Graham, Associate Director, MBA Career Management Center

“I may have written sendmail to solve a local problem at Berkeley, but I continued working on it because I saw that e-mail was going to change the world – or rather, continue to change it – and I felt that change was going to be fundamentally positive, and that sendmail was a big part of that change.”

Eric Allman

“…The A students work for the B students, the C students run the companies, and the D students dedicate the buildings.”

–The Mother of Paul Orfalea, Founder of Kinko’s

“I want to tell you one reason why I’m sure I love you.  There are people we can be around, and we take them for granted sometimes, and who make us feel generous and kind and even smarter and more clever than we probably are–and successful in our own terms and the world’s.  They are the ideal people. . . And that’s who you are for me.”

–Richard Ford